YouTube Canada Lets you Share Videos and Chat, AdBlitz Tenth Edition Launches

Canadians now share your favourite videos with friends and family through new Shared tab, as well as chat with them right on YouTube. YouTube AdBlitz kicks off, watch and vote all your favorite Big Game ads.

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Those in Canada, can now easily share their favourite YouTube videos with friends and family. Starting today, when you open up YouTube mobile app, all signed-in users with a channel will now see a new "Shared" tab. By a tap on the tab, will allow you to add your friends and family as contacts, to share with them.

In addition to share and receiving videos in the app, "users will also be able to chat right on the YouTube, reply with another video, invite others to the conversation," and more. Furthermore, you can also share videos through other apps.

"Shared videos all live in your Shared tab, making it easier than ever to catch up on videos your friends have shared or to show them a few of your own favourites," writes YouTube Canada.

The new feature will be available in both Android and iOS in Canada. But, YouTube Canada Lets you Share Favourite Videos

New sharing feature on your YouTube mobile app

YouTube Sharing Video and Chat Feature

New Shared tab on your YouTube mobile app

New Shared Tab in YouTube Mobile App

To learn more about this new sharing feature, watch the video embedded under:

Every year, a few Big Game ads stand out from the pack, today, YouTube AdBlitz kicked off for the tenth time, wth two key changes: First, along with main list of AdBlitz winners, top performers in individual categories will also be recognizing this year, and second, traditional in-game advertisers launching ads around the Big Game versus during the actual broadcast will also be eligible to compete in AdBlitz.

"AdBlitz is a destination where you can come watch and vote for all your favorite Big Game ads."

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