YouTube Bringing More Videos in the Homepage Feed

An update to the YouTube homepage for signed-in viewers puts more videos above the fold.

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YouTube homepage, or the "sub box" starting next week, rolling out an update for signed-in viewers that puts more videos above the fold.

"Rather than one video per channel, your fans will now get to see more of your uploads on a single row of the homepage," informs YouTube.

Also, to help someone find the next best thing to watch, we're looking for patterns in how viewers use YouTube. "We want to make sure that users favorite channels are always up top so they never miss a beat. And for those fans that watch mainly from their subscriptions, we'll move their other recommendations further down so they can always see their favorite channels first," YouTube explains.

In addition, YouTube also added some variety to how updates from channels are displayed.

For example, "if you watch a few episodes from a series, now they'll see an update on their homepage to watch the next episodes."

YouTube adding more videos in the homepage feed

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