YouTube Analytics' Offer More Video Insights with New Reports

See more video insights with YouTube Analytics--adding new reports, multi-line graphs, and stacked area view. YouTube Tests new center-aligned video page layout and bigger sidebar.

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YouTube Analytics, that offer insights of about your audience and helps you spot trends to improve your channel. Now, lets you see your top 200 videos in your video reports.

In addition, new charts added to Analytics helps you visualize your channel's activity. "For networks, you can now see the same data for your top 200 channels," informs Youtube.

new multi-line graphs in YouTube Analytics

Stacked are view in YouTube Analytics

And, with the stacked area view you can see how the data of selected videos, channels or geographies relate to their totals.

Finally, the new multi-line graphs allow you to compare the performance of up to 25 videos, channels or geographies over time in a number of reports. "This is great for comparing video views, comparing views in different geographies, where most of your subscribers come from, and more," said Youtube.

In another UI test, YouTube experiment brings a bigger sidebar that's now overlaid, and the Dashboard/Video Manager/Analytics menu has been moved to the right corner of the page and the Upload button is blue.

The biggest change is that the video page is now centered.

Below is a new sidebar:

New bigger YouTube Sidear

Experimental Centered YouTube Video Page

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