YouTube Allows Uploading Videos Longer Then 15 Minutes

YouTube Allows Uploading Videos Longer Then 15 Minutes, Who Comply with Community Guidelines & Copyright Rules

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Back in July, Google raised the upload limit of YouTube videos to 15 minutes for all users. Starting today, Google's allowing "selected users with a history of complying with the YouTube Community Guidelines and copyright rules to upload videos that're longer than 15 minutes."

Just click the "Upload" button at the top of the site to see if your account qualifies. And remember, if you're uploading a video that was previously rejected for being too long, go into "My Videos" and delete the old video before uploading it again.

"This launch has been made possible in part by the continued advances in our state-of-the-art Content ID system, as well as our other powerful tools for copyright owners. Over 1000 global partners use Content ID to manage their content on YouTube, including every major U.S. movie studio and music label. We remain as dedicated as ever to building and improving the most sophisticated technology in the world to help copyright owners protect their rights," said YouTube.