Yahoo! Launches New Look Yahoo! News on Desktop and Mobile

Yahoo! News gets more personal, intuitive and modern design, on desktop as well mobile devices including iOS and Android. Buys Xobni.

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Yahoo! News is unveiling a more personal, intuitive and modern design, to millions of its users.

The new design is towards creating a more consistent feel across Yahoo!, said Mike Kerns, Vice President, Product. And, will be avilable to U.S. users over the next couple of days.

The new look Yahoo! News, is designed around users interests and preferences. "We made the news stream customizable so you can tell us what content you'd like to see more of," Kerns adds.

It loads articles super faster than before.

"Yahoo! News will get smarter over time - the more you use it when signed in with your Yahoo! ID, the more it learns about your preferences, creating a personal news hub just for you."

Additionally, the new Yahoo! News is more intuitive, as the news is now placed front and center in the content stream. Also, a few new categries are added to make it easier to navigate include: Politics, Tech, Science -- as well as you can find original and partner content, like ABC News.

Yahoo! also launched the new look Yahoo News on mobile devices including iOS, and Android.

New Look Yahoo! News on Desktop

New Look Yahoo! New for mobile: iOS and Android

Update 07/03: Xobni is acquired by Yahoo! for upwards of $30 million, said the company. However, according to somes sources familiar the deal will be about twice that amount, somewhere in the $60 million-plus range.

"It's a big day here at Xobni. We've been acquired by Yahoo! At this moment, we're unpacking our boxes from San Francisco and settling in to the new Sunnyvale space at Yahoo! HQ," wrote Xobni team.

The startup tries to make your inbox and contacts list less terrible by focusing on the people you communicate with most.

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