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WWDC’s Leopard 9A466 Reports

With WWDC in full swing, few first hand reports of Apple’s Mac OS X Developer Build of Leopard have been leaked. The reason for this is that beyond the keynote, the remainder of Apple’s conference is under a strict non disclosure agreement. A few tidbits, however, have been posted publicly online:

One blogger posted these positive impressions:

• Mail is really great, seems super fast
• Spotlight much more responsive, no pauses as you type
• Safari seems faster and now has that styled text editor as in FireFox (used in blogger for example)
• New Finder, not as new as I had expected, seems solid and sensible.
• Coverflow everywhere, yeah, whatever..
• Quickview is useful I think, certainly seems fast.
• Time Machine looks like it works really, really well.

The blog post, however, has since been removed.

Meanwhile, a few forum posts (unverified) report the following about the new Leopard beta:

• The resolution independence with zoom (CTRL+scrollwheel), yes it’s in the zoom, because ZOOM is for accessibility or disabled users, so having the text and controls GO sharper IS THE PROPER WAY.
• Completely new mail client. Much faster, better calendar support, keep notes
• Global Screen and Document sharing, anyone can write it into their cocoa apps to share documents from EVERY program if two users are online. This is a GIANT leap forward for EVERYONE who actually works for a living.
• transparent menu bar (optional), is EXCELLENT, you ONLY focus on your documents (and i thought i would hate it)
• Spotlight, completely re-written with faster database, and backend
• Redesigned printing servics, and dialogs, no more of that HORRIBLE 60 dropdown items. Preview of your document (thumbnail) is in every print dialog, and page setup can be reached from this window. Also printing does not put up a dialog covering the screen while it spools pages. No more stopping your productivity, while you wait to spool.
• Stacks are fantastic.
• DVD player has been able to play HD-DVDs for a long time. It has blu-ray and HD-DVD settings in prefs now.
• Dock works fine on the sides, 3D but the icons are sideways (proper) with shadow. Looks awesome on the side. I’d post pictures but I’d rather not be in Apple prison.

Benchmarks: A Geekbench submission benchmarked new Developer Preview of Leopard on a 3.0GHz Mac Pro (Score 5335), which didn’t show a substantial difference compared to results from similar configurations on Mac OS X 10.4.9.

Requirements? This post lists the requirements of Leopard that are listed in the ReadMe that comes with the developer’s preview:

• an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4 or G5 processor
• a DVD drive
• built-in FireWire
• at least 256 MB of RAM for a Power-PC based Mac and 512 MB for an Intel-based Mac (additional RAM is recommended for development purposes)
• a built-in display or a display connected to an Apple-supplied video card supported by your computer
• at least 6 GB of disk space available, or 8 GB if you install the developer tools

As a developer build, this may or may not reflect the final requirement set for Leopard.

Build your Own: Finally, for those who want to pretend that they are running Leopard now, you can download the background image or you can download these applications to approximate the Leopard desktop.

Source:? Mac Rumors

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