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WordPress MU 2.6

WordPress MU is a multi-blog version of the popular blogging software WordPress, that engine that powers the WordPress.com, Blogsome.com and many other blogging sites. Donncha announced the release of WordPress MU 2.6, which is based on recently released WordPress 2.6 “Tyner”.

WordPress MU 2.6 features:

  1. Signup page now has a nonce which should help in the fight against spammers, for a short while anyway.
  2. Redirecting to the signup page for 404s and for unknown blogs is not enabled by default. Check out wp-config-sample.php for instructions.
  3. “allowed_themes” filter, much like the plugins filtered added previously.
  4. New functions: get_id_from_blogname(), is_main_blog().
  5. get_blog_details() can now take a blogname as well as a blog_id.
  6. Custom first posts didn’t always work. Now they do.
  7. Blognames in the “Add blog” form in wpmu-blogs.php are now sanitized.
  8. Added “pre_site_option_*” and “site_option_*” filters like the similar option filters.
  9. Meta fields will be passed on signup again.
  10. “admin_header_navigation” filter so the top right navigation in the backend can be customised.


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