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WordPress 2.5: Upgrade Preparation Checklist

As WordPress 2.5 release is due anytime, it’s right time to go through upgrade checks to see if your blog is ready for WordPress 2.5. Lorelle Van Fossen, over at BlogHerald has written “WordPress Upgrade Preparation Checklist” to the pre upgrade checks you should perform. These include disabling and or removing old plugins, updating themes and plugins, validation, and checking for compatibilities.

  1. Check Compatibilities: Visit the and check the WordPress Theme Compatibilities and WordPress Plugin Compatibilities lists to ensure that the Theme and Plugins you are using will work with the new version. If there is a Plugin your blog is dependent upon, check with the author to ensure you have the updated version.
  2. Update Themes and Plugins: The Migrating Plugins and Themes offers tips on updating your Plugin or Theme for the latest version of WordPress.
  3. Do a PreFlight Test: The WordPress Upgrade Preflight Check Plugin tests your blog to make sure it is ready for the new version. This is especially good for those moving from older versions to the newest one.
  4. Disable and/or Remove Old Plugins: Go through your Plugins list and get rid of the Plugins you don’t use any more. Remove them from your server. If there are Plugins which are not compatible with the new version, check for updates and install them. If there are no updates, look for alternatives.
  5. Print Your Plugins List: Go to the Plugins panel and print a list of the Plugins you have on your blog and highlight the ones you can’t live without. In case something goes wrong, you at least have the list. (Nothing will go wrong.)
  6. Validate: If you have been tweaking with your WordPress Theme, take time to run it through a validator to ensure that it still works and there is nothing left broken. See the Validating a Website article in the WordPress Codex for help. While you’re at it, why not run your site through some checklists to ensure everything is up-to-date and ready.
  7. Backup: Backup your database. Backup your WordPress Theme. Backup Your Plugins directory. Backup EVERYTHING. Even do an XML export as an additional backup measure.

Source:→ BlogHerald

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