Windows Store Begin Accepting Adult Games

Windows Store Begin Accepting Adult Games; Visual Studio Achievements for Windows 8 Apps Released; Sharing In-app Explained; Microsoft on Windows 8 Piracy

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Windows Store begins accepting games with a rating of PEGI 18. In welcoming PEGI 18 games into the Store, "we reinforce two principles--flexibility and confidence--fundamental to the Windows Store. Through its integration with Microsoft Family Safety, the Windows Store allows parents to be in control of the kinds of apps their children can install," the company wrote.

The first lot of PEGI 18 game titles including "The Witcher and Grand Theft Auto IV"--with more games coming soon.

Sharing in Windows 8 app

In other Windows 8 related news, Microsoft explains the benefits of sharing and how to make use of this features in Windows 8 apps stating, "Sharing content from your app can make your app central to a social and connected experience for users in Windows 8. Your app can focus on delivering rich, shareable content to the user and rely on the Share charm to minimize the overhead of integrating with each new third-party app that can receive content."

By supporting sharing, "your app is at a competitive advantage because sharing broadens the scope of end-to-end user scenarios possible from within the app itself," the company added.

As a developer you can meet this user expectation by using the Share contract which provides a lightweight, contextual and easy model for accomplishing app-to-app sharing.

Developers interested in learning more about sharing, can see an overview of Sharing and Exchanging Data and the Share content source sample, or check this post.

Also, announced today is the availability of the Visual Studio Achievements for Windows 8 app development. "The availability of nineteen new achievements all oriented toward Windows 8 app development. These new achievements can be earned in JavaScript, C#, VB and C++," Microsoft stated.

Get the Visual Studio Achievements For Windows 8 App Development here.

Microsoft vice president, Nick Psyhogeos, said during a media briefing that "Windows 8 is likely to be one of the most secure operating systems when it comes to piracy," but also acknowledged that hackers are constantly finding new ways to break into software applications, according to a WSJ report.

Also, the company has quietly patched the "Windows 8 activation" bug that allowed user get fully activated copy of the new operating system "at no cost." Although, Microsoft han't yet comment on the matter, however, anyone who attempt to exploit it now are shown an "Activation error" message that reads:

"Activation error

Unable to activate Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. (Error code: 0xC004C4AA)

What it means and how to fix it

You might see this error after you used the Add Features to Windows 8 app to upgrade your current edition of Windows. The Windows 8 Pro with Media Center edition can only be activated on PCs that had Windows preinstalled, or Windows was purchased on the Windows website or at a retail store. To fix the problem, you need to install Windows with the product key provided to you in an email or with the DVD. If you think you have received this message in error, contact a Microsoft Customer Support representative."

And, for those who have tried exploit Windows 8 in-app to get them free, a Microsoft spokesperson in email said that compromising the integrity of apps "can have lots of negative consequences to the system and the customer experience."

Microsoft is also offering developers guideline for creating stronger applications to avoid cracking, also providing information on the existing attempts to "circumvent the Windows licensing system to get apps for free."

"When an attacker wants to get access to a wide set of apps for free, or circumvent existing licensing restrictions, they may attempt to hack Windows directly[…]When a user makes this decision, it often has implications well beyond the ability to acquire apps for free. The download packages that enable these exploits often carry malicious payloads that have significant adverse effects such as system instability, personal data loss and reduced performance," wrote Dan Reagan, Manager of the Windows Store Developer Solutions team.