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Windows RT Code Integrity Circumvent to Run Legacy Apps; Microsoft Inks a Deal to Promote Windows 8 in Cinemas

Windows RT-based Microsoft Surface RT Jailbroken to run non-Windows Store apps

Microsoft designed Surface which runs on Windows RT to run Windows Store apps and restricted the usaged of legacy Windows apps on its tablet. The reason was pretty much obvious: Windows RT was designed for ARM devices, and so, it could only handle ARM-optimized processes.

But, no more, as some one looks to have found a vulnerability to run non-Windows Store apps “allows to run unsigned code and soon we could see a full-fledged solution to jailbreak Windows RT.

The crux of the post is, “decision to ban traditional desktop applications was not a technical one, but a bad marketing decision.” And, that “Windows RT needs the Win32 ecosystem to strengthen its position as a productivity tool.”

There are enough “consumption” tablets already.

Clrokr, who discovered this vulnerability wote, “It’s taken longer than expected but it has finally happened: unsigned desktop applications run on Windows RT. Ironically, a vulnerability in the Windows kernel that has existed for some time and got ported to ARM just like the rest of Windows made this possible.”

Adding, “Windows RT is a clean port of Windows 8. They are the same thing and MSFT enforces Code Integrity mechanism to artificially separate these platforms. It does not stop pirates from modifying store apps (and their license checks) because store apps are the only things that can actually run unsigned. The fact that this method works on Windows 8 as well shows how similar the systems are. You can even enforce Code Integrity on Windows 8 to see what Windows RT feels like!,” he stated.

Those interested in technical details, can read here.

In other Windows 8 news, the official Dropbox app for Windows 8 and Windows RT has now bee released to Windows Store, lets “easily browse all your files, view your pictures, and watch your videos with a tap!”.

The app sports a Modern UI, and it features include the ability to browse and preview all of your files and photos located on Dropbox. You can open, edit, and save files from other Windows 8 apps as well as share any photo, file, or folder using the Windows 8 Share Charm. The Dropbox app also utilizes the Search Charm.

Grab the Dropbox app for Windows 8 and Windows RT from Windows Store.

Alos, according to a report Microsoft is planning to launch a two-minute clip to promote its new Windows 8 operating system across the United States movie screens.

To this end, the Redmond company has signed “a deal with National CineMedia (NCM) to display Windows 8 and Surface RT commercials on no less than 19,300 screens nationwide before the movies start,” a Adweek report stated.

Previous reports have indicated that Microsoft prepared a $1.5 billion (€1.2 billion) budget to advertise the new operating system.

“We see cinema as a great way for us to go beyond that 30-second TV ad and continue a conversation with consumers in an interesting way,” said Betsy Webb, GM of global media at Microsoft Marketing. “Branded entertainment on the big screen will let us tell stories about people’s lives and how they use technology.”

Update 01/08: Microsoft in a statment praised the security researcher behind the Windows RT jailbreak, emphasizing that a future Windows RT update could block the hack. “We applaud the ingenuity of the folks who worked this out and the hard work they did to document it. We’ll not guarantee these approaches will be there in future releases.”

“The scenario outlined is not a security vulnerability and does not pose a threat to Windows RT users. The mechanism described is not something the average user could, or reasonably would, leverage, as it requires local access to a system, local administration rights and a debugger in order to work,” the spokesperson stated.

“In addition, the Windows Store is the only supported method for customers to install applications for Windows RT. There are mechanisms in place to scan for security threats and help ensure apps from the Store are legitimate and can be acquired and used with confidence,” he added.

Update 01/09: another user at the XDA Forums managed to port several apps to Windows RT, including PuTTy, TightVNC and BOCHS which, in their turn, allowed him to set up a virtual copy of Windows 95.

Check the screenshot below:

windows rt hacked to run windows 95

, and the fourm thread here.

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