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Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets v2.2 Released to CodePlex

Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets v2.2Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets v2.2 now available will open up new opportunities to automate and manage your Windows Azure deployments along with just making your life easier as a PowerShell user, announced the company. Here is what is new?

Scripting Usability Improvements
Three new cmdlets are introduced to make life easier in this respect:

  • Import-Subscription
  • Set-Subscription
  • Select-Subscription

Set-Subscription and Select-Subscription allows to specify the SubscriptionID, Certificate, DefaultStorageAccountName and DefaultStorageAccountKey and save them in session state. “What this means is once you call these cmdlets you do not need to pass those arguments to every cmdlet any more. They will just use the data from session state and save you a ton of typing. These cmdlets do support multiple subscriptions. Just call Set-Subscription once for each subscription you need to use and then call Select-Subscription to set the current subscription,” informs the team.

Import-Subscription allows to import a .publishingsettings file that was previously downloaded from: https://windows.azure.com/download/publishprofile.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0. “This cmdlet adds the embedded management certificate into your local certificate store and saves an xml file that the cmdlets can use to automatically import the subcription information into your PowerShell session.”

Windows Azure Traffic Manager Support
Added the ability to fully manage and customize your deployments that use Windows Azure Traffic Manager. Windows Azure Traffic Manager Cmdlets includes:

  • New-TrafficManagerProfile
  • Get-TrafficManagerProfile
  • Remove-TrafficManagerProfile
  • Set-TrafficManagerProfile
  • Get-TrafficManagerDefinition
  • New-TrafficManagerDefinition
  • Add-TrafficManagerEndpoint
  • New-TrafficManagerEndpoint
  • Set-TrafficManagerEndpoint
  • Remove-TrafficManagerEndpoint
  • New-TrafficManagerMonitor

New-SqlAzureFirewallRule -UseIpAddressDetection cmdlet is not new however the -UseIpAddressDetection parameter is, and allows you to add a firewall rule whether you know your external IP address or not. Perfect for getting up and running quickly in a new environment.

Set-RoleInstanceCount cmdlet allows you to specify the number of instances for a given role.

New-PerformanceCounter cmdlet wraps the creation of perfmon counters for setting diagnostics. It makes your life easier when dealing with logging

Get-PerfmonLog <breaking change> cmdlet was introduced in the 2.0 release of the cmdlets, now comes with a fix for “capturing perfmon counters correctly when there were multiple instances of a role being monitored.”

Download Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets v2.2 from the CodePlex site.

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