Windows Azure Marketplace in 50 New Countries, Adds Bing OCR Service

Bing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Control is now available on the Windows Azure Marketplace--exapnds in to the 50 additional countries.

Windows Azure Marketplace is npw available in 50 additional countries and features a new exciting content including Bing Optical Character Recognition service.

Marketplace is now commercially available in 50 additional countries!, taking the total countries support up to 88.

In addition, Marketplace also gets some new content including: new data services from D&B, French postal offices locations directly from La Poste and great UK location services from MapMechanics.

Additionally, Microsoft's Optical Character Recognition service recently announced at //build conference is also added to Azure Marketplace.

""Bing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Control" is now available on the Windows Azure Marketplace - you can now leverage Microsoft's cloud-based optical character recognition capabilities and integrate it into your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 apps," informs Microsoft.

Visti here to check out the offer and to learn more about the OCR service, visit this link.

Bing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Control  is now available on the Windows Azure Marketplace

Microsoft notes, that those who are already registered in a different market, can "now migrate your account to your native market" by using the following few simple steps:

  • "Go to
  • Cancel any existing application or data subscriptions
  • Click "Edit" on "Account Information" page
  • Select the region associated with your Microsoft Account
  • Click "Save"
  • Subscribe to all your favorite offers again and enjoy new features like local currency pricing and billing."

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