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Wiimote Combined with the Wii Classic Controller

Chris Williams, a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, found an innovating solution to attach the Wiimote to the Classic Controller, thus  also solving the mystery behind the unused button on the Wii’s classic analog controller. “I’ve always hypothesized that the ‘mystery’ button connects an as-of-yet unreleased clip that would allow you to attach your Wiimote to the Classic Controller. The idea being that such a thing would be good for a) getting the Wiimote out of the way and b) for any games that may want to have a mix between dual-analog controls and motion-sensitive controls,” said Williams.

And it makes perfect sense if you think about it. Many future game systems and consoles will eventually combine all available features from all the controllers out there. A motion-sensitive analog controller with force feed back sounds more than promising. Also, when it’s your own invention/innovating creation, the satisfaction is a lot greater, though there aren’t any games available yet to make good use of Williams’ invention.

The making-of process took him about 3 hours of non-stop labor, using some high tech equipment and before he knew it, the job was done and the mysterious button found its use. Although Nintendo designed their classic controller having a certain weight and only one way of handling, the Wiimote doesn’t seem to be getting in the way, even giving you an array of choices regarding gameplay. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will take the guy’s idea in consideration and start mass production. That would be like a dream come true for a student in Mechanical Engineering, wouldn’t it?


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