WhatsApp, Faster Facebook App for Windows Phone 8

WhatsApp, Faster Facebook App for Windows Phone 8; Microsoft 88% People Prefer a Windows Phone; New Xbox SmartGlass Experiences for Sports & New Sports Picks App on Xbox LIVE

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Over the weekend, Windows Phone Store received two popular mobile apps--first up, WhatsApp, a popular cross-platform messaging app, released an official version for Windows Phone 8--and second, the official Facebook app received an update for Windows Phone 8 that fixes some bugs and improves stability and performance.

"WhatsApp app makes it easy to send messages, pictures, audio notes, and videos to friends or family members on other phones."

Both the app are avilable from Windows Phone Store: WhatsApp, and Facebook 4.1.0.

WhatsApp and update Facebook for Windows Phone 8 arrives on Windows Phone Store

In other Windows Phone 8 news, Microsoft just posted that 88 percent of the people of who participated in the "Meet Your Match" challenge prefer Windows Phone over competitors.

"So far we've run more than 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges & demos across the US, UK, France and Germany. That's a big number, but what's even more impressive is that based on these head-to-head customer challenges, a whopping 88 percent of the people who took our post-challenge survey thought that Windows Phone was a better match for them than the phone in their pocket," Ben Rudolph wrote.

Adding, "Our Meet Your Match videos are doing equally well--and have been viewed on YouTube over 600,000 times and hundreds of thousands times more via our online ads, and 88% of voting YouTube viewers clicked the "like" button," he said.

Microsoft also released all new Xbox SmartGlass experiences for NBA Game Time, ESPN and Sports Picks App for Xbox LIVE!

"Now on Xbox, sports fans have a whole new way to connect with fellow fans and compete on Xbox LIVE with the new Sports Picks app on Xbox LIVE," Micorosoft stated.

New Xbox SmartGlass Experiences for NBA Game Time, ESPN and all-new Sports Picks App on Xbox LIVE

You can make picks, compete with your Xbox LIVE friends and fight for domination of the leaderboard. With the Sports Picks app, "(w)e've also added a new experience for Xbox SmartGlass, so you can do all of this on your tablet or phone without missing a beat of the game on your TV through Xbox 360," the company added.

NBA Game Time also receiving an update today, now includes support for SmartGlass. "You now have complete control of all the action on your Xbox 360, you can browse games and watch highlights. You can select videos and send them to the big screen for viewing!"

And, the new Xbox SmartGlass experiences on ESPN puts you in command of your favorite ESPN channels on your Xbox 360. You can browse thousands of live events, highlights and replays using your tablet or smartphone, select the videos you want and play them on your Xbox 360.