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WF Azure Activity Pack CTP1 Released to CodePlex and NuGet

The first community technology preview (CTP) of WF Activity Pack for Azure has just been released!

“This is the first release of Azure activities implementation based on Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET Framework 4.0 (WF4) and Windows Azure SDK. The implementation contains a set of activities based on Windows Azure Storage Service and Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service, which enables developers to easily access these Azure services within a workflow application,” noted Ron Jacob.

Here’s what they look like in Microsoft Visual Studio:

According to Jacob Activity Pack includes the following activities:

For Windows Azure Storage Service – Blob

  • PutBlob creates a new block blob, or replace an existing block blob.
  • GetBlob downloads the binary content of a blob.
  • DeleteBlob deletes a blob if it exists.
  • CopyBlob copies a blob to a destination within the storage account.
  • ListBlobs enumerates the list of blobs under the specified container or a hierarchical blob folder.

For Windows Azure Storage Service – Table

  • InsertEntity<T> inserts a new entity into the specified table.
  • QueryEntities<T> queries entities in a table according to the specified query options.
  • UpdateEntity<T> updates an existing entity in a table.
  • DeleteEntity<T> deletes an existing entity in a table using the specified entity object.
  • DeleteEntity deletes an existing entity in a table using partition and row keys.

For Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service

  • AddCacheItem adds an object to the cache, or updates an existing object in the cache.
  • GetCacheItem gets an object from the cache as well as its expiration time.
  • RemoveCacheItem removes an object from the cache,” Jacob added.

The Azure Activity Pack is built on top of Windows Azure SDK (August Update, 2011).

Please install the SDK on your development machine.

You can download WF Activity Pack for Azure CTP1 from the CodePlex. The package is also available via NuGet, you can type “Install-Package WFAzureActivityPack” in your package manager console to install the activity pack.

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