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Web Farm Framework 2.1 Servicing Release Now Available!

The IIS team has just published a servicing release of Web Farm Framework 2. “This release contains fixes for the bugs reported in version 2.0 that was published in January this year,” informs Ruslan.

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • If a server was excluded from load balancing because of an error or if it was temporary unavailable then it required administrator to manually add it back. With this release the Web Farm Service will attempt to auto-repair unavailable servers and add them back to load balancing once they become healthy again.
  • Non-standard HTTP ports could not be used when communicating with servers in web farm.
  • Error caused by race condition between when applicationHost.config is updated and when service reads the configuration.
  • Service attempted to add firewall exception and failed if firewall service was not running.
  • MSDeploy 1.1 was always installed on servers in the farm, even if MSDeploy 2.0 was available.
  • Recycling of the app pool on the controller resulted in HTTP 502 errors.
  • Secondary servers kept synchronizing the same changes over and over again.
  • When primary server came back after downtime, the provisioning did not start automatically.
  • Sync Error “An item with the same key has already been added.”
  • User profile was not loaded when service was installed which caused installation failures.

To install Web Farm Framework 2.1 use the download links at the project’s home page.

If you have Web Farm Framework 2.0 already installed, then it will be updated to v2.1.

Note: that a reboot maybe required during update and after the reboot the WebFarmService must be restarted on the controller server by using the command below:

net start webfarmservice

More information

[Source: Ruslan’s Blog]

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