Visual Studio '15' Preview 5 Universal Windows Developers Features Highlight

What's new in Visual Studio "15" Preview 5 for Universal Windows Developers, Visual Studio Team Services October 2016 features digest.

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Visual Studio "15" release continues where VS 2015 left off and brings several new experiences and enhancements for UWP developers (Universal Windows Developers).

The update was focued on three major areas including: "Quick and easy getting started experience with building a UWP application, Productive experiences when authoring or debugging code. and Performance and reliability improvements."

The new feature includes:

  • UWP tools with the new Visual Studio "15" installer. with default experience for Universal Windows Platform development workload, "size on disk has reduced by over 60% compared to Visual Studio 2015", that means shorter download time, quicker install, and faster to get to coding!
  • Visual Assets for apps made easier. with Manifest Asset Generator, you can create all the visual assets for your apps from within Manifest Designer.
  • Discover accessibility and performance issues with new UI Analysis tool, by enabling it in Select Tools menu of the Diagnostics Tools Window for UWP apps.
  • Improvements to XAML Designer. creating elements from the toolbox will now create leaner XAML with less tags.
  • Faster XAML tab switch and snappier XAML typing experience. with Preview 5, tab switching experience will be almost instantaneous for a majority of developers. Also several XAML editor typing delay issues are fixed as well.

UWP tools with new Visual Studio 15 installer

In the latest series of updates to Visual Studio Team Services, Microsoft said, "teams can start to leverage it more efficiently for all areas of their Azure workflow, for apps written in any language and deployed to any OS."

Visual Studio Team Services offers the best DevOps tooling to create an efficient continuous integration and release pipeline to Azure.

Among the features and updates, a new screen that simplify login for users in organizations that use Azure Active Directory is launched, "bringing the experience more in line with the way you login to Azure, Office 365, etc."

Also. the popular Git desktop client Tower now comes with dedicated integrations for services including Git in Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server.

You can now with just one-click import Git repositories from GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or other locations, either into a new or an existing empty repository of Team Services.

  • Git best practice with Team Services: Branch policies can go a long way to enhancing your Pull Requests workflow. You can now configure branch policies from the branches page.
  • Enable continuous deployment to App Stores with Team Services extensions for the iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Build and Release pricing update. Release Management is coming out of trial mode in Team Foundation Server "15".
  • A redesign of the Queued builds experience in the Build hub brings richer details of your queued/running builds in a more intuitive way, explains VS team.

Visual Studio Team Services Deployment Widget

Visual Studio Team Services:

Apple App Stores extensions:
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Build and Release pricing update:

In Preview 5, a new "Dependency Validation" introducing experience that help ensure that developers, respect the architectural constraints of the application as you edit your code.

You can try this experience now, however, there are some particular issues to be aware of in Preview 5 that will be fixed before the final release are:

  • There is no progress feedback whilst projects are updated after pressing the Update button.
  • VB support is limited to namespace/naming rules only.
  • The "Architecture/New Dependency Diagram" top-level menu command shows an empty
  • New Project dialog. Please use "File/New Project" to add a "Dependency Validation" project instead

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