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As you look at things like Bing's Streetside, you might be thinking it would be great for something like real time driving directions. Billy Chen has been thinking about this from ground up, and the result’s this interesting way of connecting visual memory humans have from having driven to a location before with a movie […]

Vexcel and Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Virtual Earth Server 2.0, the on-premises intranet mapping platform designed for those customers who’re interested in using Bing Maps, for example defense/intelligence customers or first responders (police, fire, etc), but’ve concerns about a dependency upon, or connection to, the internet in order to access this service. Either their application is too […]

The announcement to retire the Live Frameworks CTP, raised the question, what’ll happen with the Virtual Earth / Bing Maps ASP .NET Control? As an alternate, Chris Pietschmann from Simplovation has his Bing Maps ASP .NET control (Web.Maps.VE v2.0); download here for free. His control actually gets updated and is leveraging the latest technology from Version 6.2 of our Bing Maps […]

Microsoft released a “PHP Toolkit for Bing Maps Web Service” – “The project integrates Microsoft's Virtual Earth Web Service and API to embed a map into a PHP application. Web site users can add their location to the map and the map displays a pin for every user location stored in the database. The solution package includes […]

Microsoft Virtual Earth is now officially known as “Bing Maps for Enterprise”. You can see the Bing logo Bing Maps website (formerly known as Live Search Maps) and on the Bing Maps interactive SDK. You can see the SDKs for the Bing Maps Web Services and the Bing Map Control 6.2. The Virtual Earth Silverlight […]

Virtual Earth continues to evolve and support a very robust programming model which allows developers to create unique and interesting mapping applications. One of the most recent developments is that there is a brand new Virtual Earth Mapping control which uses Silverlight for rendering. This provides for a far richer control which gives the developer […]

Microsoft is rebrading some of their products: Live Search Maps is now called “Bing Maps” and Microsoft Virtual Earth is now called “Bing Maps for Enterprise.” MapPoint Web Service will remain MapPoint Web Service. Photosynth will remain Photosynth. Watch the video and all of your questions about the new Bing brand will be answered. More info: Bing […]