Video Previews Now in Google Search Results Helping you Find Information Faster

Video results show up in video carousel, just like text snippets for text results, you'll see video previews.

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Working continously to make finding information faster and easier, Google is begining rolling out a new feature that will show video previews in the search results in a carousel, "same as text snippets shows for text results."

unlike traditionally, where a static image thumbnail in video search results was shown, this feature will give a better idea of a video before the link is tap. By default, video previews only play on a wi-fi connection. But, you can also enable previews on mobile networks, or "opt out", by visiting settings menu within Google app or settings for Android Chrome.

Video previews in video carousel in Google search results
Video previews in search results

A few months back, Google also introduced video versions of featured Snippets for quick answers to queries like "how to kickflip", in addition to already available short text snippets on search result giving you a snapshot of site's content, before clicking through to read more.

The feature is rolling out on Google app for Android and Chrome on Android today, and more widely next week.

In other news, to help journalists covering hate news leverage the data in their reporting, today launched a new machine learning tool called "The Documenting Hate News Index." It's a constantly-updating snapshot of data from this year, one which is valuable as a starting point to reporting on this area of news.

Built by Google News Lab, data visualization studio Pitch Interactive and ProPublica, the tool fetches a raw feed of Google News articles from the past six months and uses Google Cloud Natural Language API to create a visual tool to help reporters find news happening across the country, says google.

Documenting Hate News Index by Google
Hate News Index

There's a rare astronomical event coming in the continental United States, for this first time since 1979, "a total eclipse of the sun on this Monday, August 21."

"Starting on the west coast around 9 a.m., the moon will begin to block the face of the sun and will completely cover the sun, leaving only the bright corona visible for as long as two minutes and 40 seconds."

If you like to have, you can catch live glimpse on YouTube, as the magic unfold live as it crosses over the U.S. Catch livestreams from NASA, The Weather Channel, Exploratorium, Discovery's Science Channel, and Univision, OR with a new Voyager story in Google Earth, OR in Google Earth VR (on Rift and Vive) and view it in virtual reality—from the menu, select Total Solar Eclipse to get a view from the center of the action.

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