Verify Facebook Business Page for People to Know your Profile is Authentic

Verified business page helps pages rank higher in search, builds trust with potential customers as well as exisiting audience, and makes sure people know your page represents the real you.

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Back in May, Facebook's branded content policies update stated "unless your Facebook Page is verified, you cann't post branded content." Verified pages are those pages with the blue badge.

More specifically, "those who do not have a verified Page with a blue badge, cannot post branded contents (i.e. third party products, brands, or sponsored content, affiliate links, ad images, advertising etc.). Instead, non-verified Pages, owners can only post their own branded content advertising."

"Branded content on Pages is only allowed from Verified Pages (with the blue badge) on Facebook and must adhere to the following policies," company stated in its policy page.

"Pages must use branded content tool to tag the featured third-party product, brand, or sponsor, and making it clear you're publishing sponsored content," facebook explained. When you tag someone in a branded content post, it gives them all access to the stats and insights for that post.

Verifying your business page helps pages rank higher in search, builds trust with potential as well as current customers and audience.

  • Blue Badge, indicates it's a verified profile of a celebrity, public figure or a brand.
  • Gray Badge means, profile has not yet been verified by a company or business.

Facebook Page Verification Status:Verified page

Verifying a Facebook Business Page is quick and easy:

  1. Log-in you Facebook acccount, then go to Settings
  2. In General section, scroll down to Page Verification, and click Edit
  3. Now select from either of two options: Verify by Phone or via Documentation
  4. If you select Verify by Phone—you need to enter your publicly listed business phone number, your country, and language
  5. Now, click "Call me now" and a verification code will be called in-voice
  6. Enter the 4-digit verification code you was called, and click Continue
  7. You are now Verified! (a gray checkmark symbol) now shows up on your business profile.
  8. In step 3 above, if you clicked "Verify this Page with Documents instead," follow the steps below:

    1. Upload your business document when prompted. The documents should show your business' name, as well as address.
    2. Facebook will now review your information to confirm its legitimacy.
    3. Once the verification is done, Facebook will notify your about your page's verification status.
    4. If your page is verfied, you will see a blue verification badge (for celebrity, sports team, media, public figure, or entertainment companies only).
      You can check your page's eligiblity for blue badge here.

facebook pages verification by documentaion

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