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Unicode Version 6.1 with Over 110,000 Characters Released

Unicode version 6.1 adds over 110,000 charactersVersion 6.1 of the Unicode Standard is now available, announcing the release the Unicode Consortium informed that this latest version “adds characters to support additional languages of China, other Asian countries, and Africa.”

“Version 6.1 just released with over 110,000 characters; soon will be updating to that version and to Unicode’s locale data from CLDR 21 (both via ICU). It also addresses educational needs in the Arabic-speaking world.” Google said.

Over 200 new Standardized Variants have been added for emoji characters, allowing implementations to distinguish preferred display styles between text and emoji styles.

Unicode 6.1 adds 200 new Standardized Variants for emoji characters

“Among the notable property changes and additions in Unicode 6.1 are two new line break property values, which improve the line-breaking behavior of Hebrew and Japanese text. Segmentation behavior was also improved for Thai, Lao, and similar languages. Two other important Unicode specifications are maintained in synchrony with the Unicode Standard, and have updates for Version 6.1,” informs Unicode team blog.

“Computers store every piece of text using a “character encoding,” which gives a number to each character. For example, the byte 61 stands for ‘a’ and 62 stands for ‘b’ in the ASCII encoding, which was launched in 1963. Before the web, computer systems were siloed, and there were hundreds of different encodings. Depending on the encoding, C1 could mean any of

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