Twitter Lite with Data Saver Mode for Slower Mobile Web Launches Globally

With Twitter Lite, we are making Twitter more accessible to millions of people—all you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

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Twitter Lite, a new mobile web experience introduces on Wednesday is aimed to help millions of people around the world who may see several barriers including slow mobile networks, expensive data plans, or lack of storage on mobile devices.

The new Lite experience takes up less than 1MB space, loads faster on slower connections, minimizes data usage, and is resilient on unreliable mobile networks. It's also optimized for up to 30% faster launch times, as well as quicker navigation throughout Twitter.

Lite provides all the key features of Twitter such as—timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, trends, profiles, media uploads, notifications, and more.

In addition, to further reduces the amount of mobile data used, a new 'data saver' mode is added as well, that help you see "a preview of images and videos before choosing to fully load." Twitter says this mode can reduce data usage by up to 70%.

twitter lite data save mode
Twitter Lite Data Save Mode

Users on Google Chrome and other browsers on Android devices will find additional features such as:

  • a wide range of push notifications throughout the day alerting you about happenings on Twitter,
  • offline support helps you continue using Twitter if you temporarily lose data connection.
  • And, a single tap on Twitter Lite from the home screen launches it quickly.

Twitter has partnered with Vodafone India to promote Twitter Lite to their customers.

Twitter Lite is available globally for people in emerging markets across Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa, by visiting on smartphone or tablet.

See it in action in this video:

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