Twitter Enable Businesses to Provide End User Support Services

Businesses on Twitter can now indicate their support services information to suggestions when people search for a business, @mention business in a Tweet, or in Direct Messages.

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Twitter's new customer service that was available to a select few brands since July this year is opened to all businesses as on Thursday.

These new features enable businesses to tell users that they provide help on Twitter, by adding this information to suggestions, which's available to people when they search for a business, @mention a business in a Tweet, or find a business in Direct Messages. twitter said.

Additionally, "businesses can also display hours of their availability on profiles along with a 'prominent button' that can initiate a Direct Message with the brands privately."

All of these features are available for businesses to enable today. Now, when a business enable the setting to receive Direct Messages from anyone. These features can then be activated through the new Customer support page via Twitter Dashboard, under Settings. Once activated, users will see them in the app.

This release builds on previously released Direct Message links and Customer Feedback cards to help businesses provide better service on Twitter.

"On average, Customer Feedback requests receive a response more than 60% of the time," writes twitter.

Further, twitter notes, according to early usage repot roughly 30% customers follow and send a message upon receiving a Direct Message link.

Twitter is expanding this feature rollout over the next few weeks.

You can now add a "Provides support" notation to your Twitter account. See the pictures below:

Businesses enable support in their Twitter profiles

Twitter Business profiles showing support hours

Twitter today open sources "torch-twrl", framework built by Twitter Cortex for RL development.

Inspired by the way that humans learn, Reinforcement Learning (RL) is concerned with algorithms which improve with trial-and-error feedback to optimize future performance.

"Algorithmic advances have allowed for RL to be in real-world problems, such as high degree-of-freedom robotic manipulation and large-scale recommendation tasks, with more complex goals. RL algorithms (or agents) aim to learn to perform complex, novel tasks through interaction with the task (or environment)," writes Twitter. "To develop effective algorithms, rapid iteration and testing is important," "torch-twrl aims to make implementing and innovating fast and easy," twitter added.

torch-twrl inspired by RL aims to provide:

  • a RL framework in Lua/Torch with minimal dependencies;
  • rapid development with well defined, modular code; and
  • seamless integration with OpenAI's RL benchmark framework Gym, explains twitter.

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