Twitter Adds New Threads Feature Makes it Easy to Send Tweetstorms of Multiple Tweets

You can now connect your thoughts and publish your threaded Tweets all at the same time.

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Taking a clue from people stitching their tweets together to share more information, Twitter introduces a new feature that makes it easy for people to express themselves on the platform by automatically publishing multiple tweets in a row together.

When you want to say more in a single tweet and if twitter's expanded character limit is not enough, you can now create a thread of tweets and send all the threaded tweets automatically all at the same time.

Strings of these multiple tweets is commonly referred to as "tweetstorms," however, Twitter prefers to call this approach as "threading."

To create a thread, just look for a Plus "+" button at the bottom right corner in the composer. Even you can at any time add more tweets to a published thread with the new "Add another Tweet" icon.

Twitter has also made it easier to spot / read a thread with a newly added and an obvious "Show this thread" label.

Here is an example image of this threads feature:

Twitter Threads

Twitter has also recently exapnded the character limit of a single tweet from existing 140 to the full 280 characters count for people to tweet more easily and more often. Also, features, like Retweet, '@reply', and hashtag are an examples of this.

Another recently "Twitter Lite" is available on Google Play Store in over 24, takes up less space whether you are using it on the mobile web or through the Play Store. Twitter Lite, which is fast, takes up less space, and is data-friendly offers following benefits:

  • Loads quickly on 2G and 3G networks, and offers offline support in case you temporarily lose your connection
  • Minimizes data usage, and offers a data saver mode to download only the images or videos you want to see
  • Reduces install size to under 3MB so it doesn't take much room on your phone

These updates of new threads feature is rolling to everyone on iOS, Android, and in the coming weeks.

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