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Top Google Words and Expressions

Urban Dictionary provides user-contributed definitions for a lot slang words and expressions. Here’s a list of definitions for little-known Google-related words:

10. Google drift: To drift aimlessly between subjects of interest, by finding them accidentally on a web search for something else.

“I was looking for information on the Holocaust and I found a lot of neat sites with historical facts about Germany.”
“Oh, so you were google drifting.”

9. Google test: When your internet connection is being problematic, you do the google test. Basically, you try to visit www.google.com and if it fails, you know your connection is tango uniform.

Friend A: My internet connection is not really working…

Friend B: Did you google test it?

Friend A: Yeah, nothing.

Friend B: Call AOL(because only AOL sucks enough to have problems regularly?)

8. Googleless: The state of being without Google; Google server unavailable.

Google’s servers had better not ever shut down – I don’t think I could handle being Googleless.

7. Googleosophy: Investigation, discovery, and pursuit of all that rocks on the Internet. One who practices this art is a googler.

I’ll research (fill in blank) on the net, I have a degree in Googleosophy.

6. Google Seppuku: You use a Japanese text input tool and enter random Japanese characters into a google image search.

Then you count how many pages until you find an image so disturbing that you wish you never played the game.

JESUS CHRIST!! What? Oh sorry. Not you. I was playing google seppuku and I lost. I lost big time.

5. Google Copy Paste: The act of extracting information from Google for the reason of telling it to someone.

Note: Usually written as GCP

Bob: Who’s the president of blahblahland
*Bill searches google.com, copies answer into clipboard, then pastes it*
Bill: It’s Mark Larryson
Bob: Thanks, how did you know that?
Bill: Google Copy Paste 😀

4. Google bet: A bet made when one can determine who wins by a simple trip to an internet search engine providing instant gratification.

“Dude, Dan the Automator is NOT Del!”
“Yes he is”
“Google bet ya!”

3. Googlesmart: Any person who gets 99.9 percent of all info from their favorite search engine to look intelligent on talk/chat forums. Most people who are googlesmart tend to post on forums to look like a highly astounding person, but may not be.

Mechanic one: Man that GMracer350 sure knows his stuff about cars…
Mechanic two: Ha ha, that guy couldn’t spin a wrench if he tried, he claims to know a lot, but without his computer, he’s Googlesmart.

2. Googledom: The all-encompassing informational domain created by google.com’s many websites and services

The introduction of Google Earth just made Googledom a bit larger.

1. The Google: George W. Bush’s term for a popular internet search engine. It can be used to pull up maps and search for subjects of interest.

One of the things I’ve used on the Google is to pull up maps. It’s very interesting to see — I’ve forgot the name of the program — but you get the satellite, and you can — like, I kinda like to look at the ranch. It reminds me of where I wanna be sometimes.

Source:→ googlesystem

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