Three New Ways Google Trips to Make Traveling Easier for You!

Going on vacation, Google Trips now help share and keep track of reservations, quick update on last-minute changes, help you catch a train or bus to next adventure.

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Google Trips, that help you experience more and plan less on vacation, today received three new features to easily plan your travel—even as things change.

Here is what's new today:

With Trips on iOS and Android, you can now keep track of all your reservations in one place with just a tap of the arrow button and share them as well with anyone, who in return will receive an email with all the reservation details and can see them in the app too.

Google Trips: Share and track reservations
Share and track reservations

A new feature in Trip now lets you quickly update any last-minute changes and add new details (even if you don't have an email confirmation) such as for flight, hotel, car, and restaurant reservations.

Add the details by pressing "+" button in the bottom right within Reservations section, then simply enter "airline and flight number, or hotel name, car rental or restaurant," rest of the information will automatically fill. And, of course, should you need, you can enter some free-form notes, too.

Google Trips: Last-minute changes
Last-minute changes update

Catch a train or bus to next adventure. Now, Trips will automatically organize all your past and upcoming train and bus reservations —along with flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations.

Download your trip before you go. No matter where you end up, you can find nearby spots to see, check hours and locations for attractions, and review your saved places.

Of course, Trips works in offline mode as well, as Google puts, nearly 70 percent uses offline feature and on average nearly a quarter of Trips users are offline for more than seven hours at a time while traveling.

Google Trips: Past and upcoming trains, bus reservations
Past and upcoming trains, bus reservations

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