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Thanko USB Vacuum Mouse

There are a whole lot of mice on the market, but there’s no one that sucks as much as the one I will talk 
about in this article. If you suddenly decide that it’s no avail in reading about a mouse that’s  so bad, rest at ease, it literally sucks – it is world’s first device born from the union of a mouse with a vacuum cleaner.

The Thanko USB Vacuum mouse connects to the computer via an USB 1.1 port, although an USB 2.0 is also supported. The USB-based oddity does not excel like a mouse, given the fact that it comes with an 800 dots-per-inch (DPI) sensor. This is enough for performing common tasks such as file and folder navigation or browsing the Internet, but gaming is out of discussion. On a second thought, I don’t think that any sane gamer would ever try to give it’s best shot (pun intended) with a household appliance.

The mouse has three buttons as well as the common scroll wheel, but there is an additional button that makes it different from its rodent kins. The little switch on the side turns on the (useless) vacuum cleaner. The vacuum mouse is oddly-shaped and I bet that it’s not suitable for prolonged use either, given the fact that its shape suggests anything but comfort.

Thanko‘s mouse seems to have failed both as pointing device and as vacuum cleaner. Its reduced size won’t deliver the necessary vacuum to clean more than some pizza crumbs on a plain surface, say, desktop. Instead, it manages to deliver a considerable amount of noise that will surely upset your co-workers if you plan to use it at work. And if you think it’s suitable for sucking up the food leftovers from beneath your keycaps, you’d rather take a regular mouse and keep your desk clean.

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