Take 360 Degree Virtually Tour of Petra with Google Cardboard

Anyone with an internet connection can trek this remarkable UNESCO Heritage Site like never before—360º experience to the rose-red city for themselves.

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A virtual tour of more than 30 historical sites across Petra, Jordan through Google Street View, is available since last year, now you can trek even more immersive with a 360º experience of Google Cardboard to the journey of the lost city of stone.

This 2000-year-old civilization miraculously transformed the harshest of deserts into an oasis of life and culture. Now, with this new experience, you can explore all around in 360º every detail of this elaborate carved facade recognizable from movies like "Indiana Jones" and "Transformers."

Audio narration, interactive hotspots and sound effects guide you as you follow the footsteps of the ancient Nabataeans.

"We've used 360º mapping, aerial imagery and millions of photos stitched together, to recreate six of Petra's most beautiful and iconic panoramas for you to explore," writes Google.

Start your tour now on your mobile phone at g.co/PetraVR.

In the two GIFs belowm you can see the Mon, Treasury:

Google Cardboard View of Petra, Jordan Monstarey

Google Cardboard View of Petra, Jordan Treasury

Google also introducing business location insights in the Google My Business API, that makes it easier for third-party application developers and large multi-location brands to programmatically access location insights such as total number of searches, views and actions that let business owners track and analyze where and how people are finding them on Google.

"Developers can now use the Google My Business API to request up to 18 months worth of data for each of their business locations and build applications that aggregate and visualize these insights in actionable ways," writes Google. "They can use these insights to better allocate resources across locations and track how marketing activities affect their business."

This new API functionality brings the features from Google My Business dashboard into your own data analysis tools. See more over here.

insights in the Google My Business API

In partnership with GuidiGO, the Detroit Institute of Arts has built Lumin, a mobile tour that uses Tango capabilities to add augmented reality (AR) interactivity and information to further enrich your visit.

With Tango's location and AR capabilities, you'll soon be able to experience museums around the world in a whole new way—starting with the Detroit Institute of Arts. When you visit the Detroit Institute of Arts, "just head to the front desk and ask for the Tango enabled Lenovo Phab 2 Pro phone to explore a variety of works," writes Google.

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