Surface 3 August 8, 2016 update History Changelog

Here's what's improved in Surface 3 August 8, 2016 firmware update on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Installed automatically on Surface through Windows Update.

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Microsoft had just in June confirmed that the company will no more manufacturing the Surface 3 beginning in December of this year.

And that it'll continue supporting other Surface devices including 3. The Redmond company had earlier today made available a firmware update for the Surface 3. At the time, we posted the news, there was no changelog available, but now we finally know what's included in this August 8, 2016 update release.

Because updates are cumulative, "when you install the latest update, you'll also get all the previous updates if your Surface doesn't have them already," the company stated.

Adding, the company said, Surface updates are delivered in stages to Surface customers via the Windows Update service. As a result, "not every Surface will receive the update at the same time," but "the update will be delivered to all devices."

If you have not received the update then please manually check Windows Update later.

However, please note, that only the updates that apply to Surface will be downloaded and installed."

Also, please note, if you update the operating system on your Surface, this will clear your existing update history.

And that the firmware updates cannot be uninstalled or reverted to an earlier version.

Here's what's improved in Surface running Windows 8.1:

surface 3 windows 8.1 firmware update

The new update is available for Windows 10 as well, below is the specific changelog for this version:

surface 3 windows 10 firmware update

For more details if ought to, visit this link.

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