Sponsored InMail Available to All Marketers through LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail make it easy to set up campaigns and track them based on performance and best practices.

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LinkedIn Sponsored InMail join the suite of self-serve products available through LinkedIn's Campaign Manager lets you engage your target audiences in a personalized, direct and meaningful way.

Over 100 advertisers participated in a pilot program leading up to today's release, "create and manage Sponsored InMail campaigns along with other self-serve products, including Sponsored Content and Text Ads, through Campaign Manager using your advertising account," writes LinkedIn.

In short, customers can quickly set up and launch campaigns and be flexible with their budget.

Here's how to create first campaign through Sponsored InMail: "Log into LinkedIn Campaign Manager, than Open Ad Account, and click "Create campaign", select "Sponsored InMail", next Select "Sponsored InMail" and start crafting a message, then Choose target audiences from 16 different criteria, and finally Set campaign budget goals," and launch.

Sponsored InMail, LinkedIn notes, is a great channel for marketers to easily craft relevant messages without restrictive character counts. It also generate leads with a persistent "call-to-action" (CTA) button on mobile and desktop.

While the responsive design ensures message looks great on any screen, large or small. With real-time delivery, Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn. And "strict limits on how often LinkedIn members can receive InMail ensures your message gets maximum mindshare," writes LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
LinkedIn Sponsored InMail in Campaign Manager.

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