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SoftGrid: Top three rookie mistakes – Part 2

In the series post covering the top gotchas new SoftGrid Admins tend to run into with a short discussion on configuring the Content folder for your virtualized applications.  This post discuss about specifying the Default Content Path within the SoftGrid Management console.

Part 1

Issue #2 – Failure to specify your Default Content Path: The second common mistake new SoftGrid admins make is failing to specify the Default Content Path within the SoftGrid Admin MMC.  When you complete the installation of a SoftGrid Virtual Application Server, one of the first things you need to do is go into the admin console and specify the path  to your \Content share.  This is inserted into the OSD whenever you import a virtualized application and is supplied to the client so it knows where to go to find it.

If the Default Content Path is not set, your first clue will appear when you try to import your first virtualized application. If for whatever reason you ignore this, or if ‘Do not ask me again’ was checked and you don’t see this warning, and you continue to publish applications anyway, the client will be unable to receive and run your virtualized apps.

What you should do? To set the Default Content Path, within the SoftGrid admin console right-click on the server name and select System Options. On the General tab, enter the location of the Content share in either UNC or HTTP format depending on your implementation. Just remember to use whatever path your clients should use when accessing your content share.  That’s it!  Now I’ll have to admit this isn’t as common as the other two but this still manages to get a few folks now and then.

Source:→ Microsoft

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