Smart Display Campaigns Leverage ML Rollsout to All AdWords Advertisers

Smart display campaigns begin rolling out to all AdWords advertisers, letting you reach more customers easily on the GDN.

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Google Display Network (GDN), that has over 3 million apps and websites help brands to reach out the right customers. In order to reach them, brands need to tailor customer specific creative and set optimal bids—now to help advertisers to deliver richer experiences to consumers and better results for their brand on the GDN, Google begin rolling out "Smart Display Campaigns," which uses machine learning to automatically:

  • "Connect your business to prospective customers who may be interested in your products, using insights from millions of apps and sites
  • Create beautiful image, native and text ads that fit anywhere across the GDN
  • Set the right bids to meet your performance goals," writes Google.
Create Smart Display Campaigns in AdWords
Create Smart Display Campaigns in AdWords

In fact, according to Google, advertisers who uses "Smart display campaigns" are seeing 20% increase in conversions at the same CPA an average, compared to their other display campaigns.

To learn more about setting up Smart display campaign in the AdWords, check out this Help Center.