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Simplicity PHP Framework

The Simplicity PHP Application Framework is an advanced, scalable and extensible PHP application framework to aid developers in creating high traffic, high availability Web 2.0 online applications. Integrating a solid MVC framework with some of the best Open Source projects around Simplicity aims to assist developers with any amount of experience in taking their applications to a new level.

Version 0.2-dev have just been released and development team currently working towards an April release for the first beta, there are many new features in this release some of which detailed below :

Firstly, the MQL(Model Query Language) data abstraction, this allows you to create connections to multiple data sources; currently this is all RDBMS’ supported by PHPs PDOs,CSV / TSV files, or raw PHP arrays with RSS feeds and more to follow shortly. Once you have created your connection you can create models to encapsulate your data, and create relationships between those models, you could for instance have users in a mysql table, linking to full country names in a CSV file. All of this can be configured via the new admin console.

Once configured you can access your models in your code using MQL, based on SQL it’s very simple, for example to access the ‘users’ model that is on the ‘simplicity’ connection you would use:

select simplicity.users

You can also use where, order and limit in your queries as follows:

select simplicity.users where id = '1' select simplicity.users where name like "jo%" order by name select simplicity.users where id > 10 limit 100

You can use MQL to access any models regardless of their source, RDBMS, CSV, PHP Array etc.

There is a lot in this release and you can read more about Simplicity PHP Framework at http://www.simplicityphp.com. Download also available under GNU GPL V3 license and demo at http://demo.simplicityphp.com.

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