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Silverlight 2.0: Rundown of Web Services related functionality in Beta1

Hope everyone had a chance to download and play with the Silverlight 2.0 Beta1 bits. I wanted to put up a quick post detailing the features we have shipped in this Beta. We have shipped total of 5 features split across 5 assemblies.

Core Assembly:

  • System.Runtime.Serialization.dll – Data Contract OM and Data Contract Serializer
  • System.ServiceModel.Web.dll – Data Contract JSON Serializer
  • System.ServiceModel.dll – WCF Client side proxy OM and runtime.

Extension/SDK Assembly:

  • System.ServiceModel.Syndication.dll – RSS/ATOM OM
  • System.Xml.Serialization.dll – Xml Serializer

Core assemblies are the assemblies that gets installed on to your box when you install Silverlight 2.0 and SDK assemblies are installed with the SDK. When your app uses SDK assemblies its treated like any other third party dll and gets bundled with user app in the XAP file. All references to core assemblies are loaded from the users Silverlight installation directory. All WebServices components have API/wire parity with recently released Orcas version. We have strived very hard to ensure that the wire representation of Silverlight serialized types are compatible with Orcas serializer.

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