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SharePoint “Microsoft’s response to Google Chrome?”

Microsoft continues to nurture perhaps its fastest-growing product (in terms of revenue) ever: SharePoint. The Web has been aflutter with Google Chrome discussions since it was released last week, much of it centering on Google’s strategy to drive a stake through the heart of Microsoft’s Windows business by shifting the operating system to the cloud, rendered in a browser.

Microsoft, then, has not been sitting still, waiting to be run over by Google. It has been quietly spreading SharePoint throughout enterprises. SharePoint opens up enterprise data to Microsoft services, running in Microsoft’s browser. Unlike Google, however, Microsoft already has an impressive beachhead in the enterprise. It’s called Office, and most enterprises are addicted to it.

In sum, if Google is aiming for Windows, it’s going to lose because the table stakes are much higher. For Microsoft, the game is SharePoint. For the rest of the industry, including Google, the response needs to be content standardization. Watch this space.

Source:→ CNET News

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