Share your Experience and Perspective with LinkedIn Native Video

The ability to post videos on LinkedIn will be rolling out to all members globally in the coming weeks.

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LinkedIn Native Video

The professional network LinkedIn, Tuesday, introduces a new way for people to share their experience and perspective on the platform via 'Native Video' feature available to all members.

Now, in the LinkedIn mobile app, just look for share box located at the top of the feed in iOS, and or at the post button in Android and tap the video icon to start recording or uploading a video (new or recorded earlier).

After a video is posted, you can see audience insights, such as top companies, titles and locations of viewers, as well as number of views, likes, and comments on the video(s). The insights can help you understand your audiences.

You can reach "audience insights" in the dashboard section of LinkedIn profile on both mobile and desktop.

The LinkedIn Video posting is currently only available to members and not to companies. If you don't yet have post videos ability available to you, it will soon come, as the company is rolling this out to all members globally, over the coming weeks.

Additionally, LinkedIn Sponsored Content does not currently accommodate video.

This new video capability could also be of importance to marketers, as LinkedIn delivers a professional context for videos, which makes members more receptive to business messaging.

And, the Native Video boosts storytelling variety utilizing LinkedIn Feeds' attractive format for a range of videos, such as product demos, man-on-the-street interviews, industry event coverage, how-to videos, and more.

Whether organic or paid, marketers can gauge video performance posted on LinkedIn.

You can see how this feature works in the below video:

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