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SCVMM 2008 Performance & Resource Optimization

PRO stands for Performance & Resource Optimization. Here’s a a simulated scenario to describe the system behaviours and the user experience of “how PRO works?” From the slide below, you can see how VMM PRO reacts to the event that is monitored and reported by OpsMgr:

  1. Assume that we have a three-node cluster with some HA VMs running on each, and the cluster is managed by a VMM server integrated with OpsMgr.
  2. When the resources of a VM peak out on host #1 below on the very left, OpsMgr detects the defined threshold is reached and immediately notifies SCVMM.
  3. A PRO tip pops up on the SCVMM admin console.
  4. Depending on your setting, either manual or auto approval of the action recommended (in this case, Move-VM) would move the VM to the highest rated host (per our intelligent placement), in this case, the host server in the middle with the least load.

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