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Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8 with Split Backspace-Spacebar Key

The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8 is an ergonomic keyboard sporting an enlarged split spacebar with optional backspace functionality that enhances typing efficiency and speed.

In addition to increasing typing efficiency, “the keyboard’s split spacebar also improves ergonomics by virtually eliminating the awkward “pinky reach” to the standard backspace key, keeping wrists in a comfortable position,” Microsoft stated.

The keyboard also sports Microsoft’s own Contour Curve design, which features a six-degree bend in the keyboard layout with a dome-shaped arc to help promote a comfortable, neutral wrist position while keeping keys within easy reach.

Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8

It also has a removable palm rest that can be used for added comfort or easily detached with the press of a button for a sleek, compact look and features a wireless USB connectivity.

And, it includes several keys that give quick access to Windows 8 features, including “Search, Share, Device and Settings hot keys and an updated Windows key.”

The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard price at US$59.95, will be available online on Microsoft Store and other retailers.

Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8 with Split Backspace-Spacebar Key

In other Windows 8 news, Microsoft explains making accessible “your HTML/JavaScript app,” stating that one of the hallmarks of a Windows 8 app is that accessibility is built into the platform. “You can use accessibility features to widen the reach of your app with very little effort,” Microsoft said.

The post walkthrough how to think about accessibility in your HTML and JavaScript apps during the design phase, show how to implement and test accessibility for some of the common UI patterns, provide some best practices we used when creating custom UI controls, and discuss the opportunity you have in reaching the full spectrum of Windows users by addressing accessibility.

Microsoft notes, “the information and samples used during the post are specific to HTML/JavaScript, but we built accessibility into XAML apps too.”

You can use the templates and controls that the development tools provide, and reference the guidance and practices to avoid available on the Dev Center to help you create your accessible XAML apps.

Check it out here for more information.

Also, Peter Han, vice president, Microsoft U.S. OEM Division, at the Tech Data Channel Link in Orlando, Fla., said, that Microsoft plans to convince Windows XP users to move them to Windows 8 operating system.

He said, “There are 100 million-plus Windows XP installations in the U.S. Time to refresh them to Windows 8,” he said during his speech according to thevarguy.com.

Security researchers at Italian firm ITSEC discovered that Windows 8 comes with a security flaw available through the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), an updated version of BIOS,

The researchers developed a UEFI bootloader that can be installed on the vulnerable computers in order to replace the standard Windows 8 UEFI bootloader. “Our bootloader hooked the UEFI disk I/O routines and it intercepted the loading of the Windows 8 kernel, thus our bootkit tampered the kernel by disabling the security features used by Windows to prevent the loading of unsigned drivers,” Marco Giuliani, director of ITSEC, explained to The Register.

Adding, Giuliani notes, the exploit could be used on other platforms as well including OS X and Linux distributions.

Talking about Windows 8’s security level, Gerry Egan, Symantec senior director, product management, said that “It’s partially true that Windows 8 is more secure.” “But underneath is a traditional Windows-Intel desktop, which is backward compatible with both the good code and the bad.”

You can read the detailed analysis of the ITSEC here.

UEFI bootloader security vulnerability in Windows 8 discovered

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