Saving Articles for LinkedIn Sponsored Content Is Now Available

Ability to saving a Sponsored Content to all LinkedIn members on iOS and Android released.

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The ability to save LinkedIn Sponsored Content is available to all iOS and Android members. Also, as of today members can save articles posted by a brand as Sponsored Content.

We expect that this will help marketers like you drive additional engagement with your content from your target audiences.

In addition to saving articles shared by other members -- a feature we released not too long ago --

Here's how saving a Sponsored Content works? After a member sees an interesting article in the LinkedIn feed, just click the bookmark icon on the bottom right-hand side of the update to save it.

And, to access the list of all save articles, you can tap the "See all" at the top of the screen. Or, at any point at the bottom of the LinkedIn app, navigate to the "Me" tab, and tap on the saved articles button to access all saved articles. You'll be taken to the Saved Articles page, where you can read and share articles directly from the list.

Now that sharing and reading for later is available, members can come back to content sponsored to view later if cann't consume right away. Additionally, members can directly share articles they've saved with their network from the Saved Items list.

Save and Share LinkedIn Sponsored Content on iOS and Android

Access and Share Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

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