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Safari 3.0 Blazes a Rewarding Trail to CSS 3.0

Leland Scott has a detailed article telling “how well Safari 3 has done with respect to CSS support”

Safari 3 / WebKit has implemented 18 of the 19 CSS 3.0 styles so far tackled by any of the major browsers. Firefox is next with 9 of 19. Some of these styles are incredibly cool and powerful, and they’ll change the way designers (both graphic designers and UI designers) put web content together for years to come. I wanted to raise the profile for this work, since it doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention. Even though IE 7.0 hasn’t implemented any of these yet, I hope Web 2.0 programmer/designers will feel empowered to start trying these out.

He is particularly excited about:

  1. Box-shadow: Yes! Add drop shadows through CSS!
  2. Multi-column layout: Can we really do this now? With HTML?
  3. Resize: Give JavaScript hacks a rest and let users relax when typing input on web pages.
  4. Rounded corners: Any
    can be made round.
  5. Colors with transparency: There goes another ugly hack from way back!
  6. Background image controls: Remember how great it was when you could add images as well as colors to an element’s background CSS style? Well, it’s about to get a whole lot better!

Leland Scott’s post

Source:→ ajaxian

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