Registration for New Kinect Software Development Kit (SDK) Opened

Build 2013: New generation Kinect for Windows sensor--as well as a new Software Development Kit (SDK) announced.

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Kinect for Windows team at the Build 2013, unveiled a new generation Kinect for Windows Sensor coming next year -- as well as a new Software Development Kit (SDK).

Developers can now apply for a place in an upcoming developer kit program, that "give participants exclusive early access to everything they need to start building applications for the recently-announced new generation Kinect for Windows sensor, including a pre-release version of the new sensor hardware and SDK in November," informs Microsoft.

Registration for new Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) open

Among the biggest advances of the new sensor are: a new high-definition color camera, an expanded field of view, more accurate skeletal tracking, and all-new active-infrared capabilities that allow the new sensor to work in nearly any lighting condition.

Additionally, in September, Microsoft will release a refresh of the Kinect for Windows SDK with several updates including: the ability to extract the user from the background in real time, the ability to develop Kinect for Windows desktop applications by using HTML5/JavaScript and enhancements to Kinect Fusion, including capture of color data and improvements to tracking robustness and accuracy.

The feature enhancements will enable even better Kinect for Windows-based applications for businesses and end users, and the convenience of HTML5 will make it easier for developers to build leading-edge touch-free experiences.

The program will cost $399 and applications must be received by July 31. Review complete program details and apply for the program here.

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