Real-time View for Popular Times and Extended Hours in Google Maps and Search

Google Maps adds a real time live view for popular times at venues, and extended stores hours now on search resutls.

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'Tis the holiday season, Google is now providing a real-time look at how crowded a place is right now helping you decide where and when to go.

The new live view is available through Popular Times feature within Google Search and Google Maps to tell you how busy a place typically is in real-time. You can also now check how long people typically stay at a given location that provide help to plan your itinerary to the minute.

department and service hours. Stores, businesses and restaurants can sometimes have multiple hours for different departments and special services.

Finally, now on Google, you chcek of the service hours of stores, businesses and resturants, which might be running on extended hours for different departments and or special services.

The GIF below shows a red live indicator icon that shows the real time data with an option to mark if it is correct or not.

Real-time Data on Google Maps Popular Times Extended Hours on Google Search

1. Real-time Data on Google Maps Popular Times 2. Extended Service Hours on Google Search

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