Reach More Viewers with YouTube End Screens, Style Transfer Apps Turns Photos into Works of Art

End Screens, a new mobile-friendly tool in YouTube lets you engage viewers right as your video finishes. Machine learning turns photos into works of art that resemble famous paintings.

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End Screens for YouTube, a new mobile-friendly tool lets creators engage their viewers right as the video finishes and encourages them to watch more on their devices on desktop and mobile, launches today.

So, how does this feature work? Currently, creators use a desktop-only tool 'Annotations' that allows to add clickable links to videos, to manually create end screens. But, with the new "End Screens" launches today, creators in the last 15–20 seconds of their videos, can now show thumbnail overlays, that prompt viewers "to watch your other videos, subscribe to your channel, visit collaborators' channels, and more," google writes.

End Screens in YouTube

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), on oct. 26th night, on its YouTube channel live-streamed a program called "KIBO SCIENCE 360 - A SPACE EXPERIMENT with Google."

During this session, astronaut Takuya Onishi from the Kibo Experimental Module inside the International Space Station (ISS) performed some fun experiments like mixing liquids in outer space, or how Takuya prepares coffee with milk.

You can experience this in virtual reality using the Google Cardboard. Just download the Kibo Science 360 app, available on Google Play. Until then, watch the video below:

We all are familiar with photo filters that give photos a vintage look or a warm glow, but recently, a whole new kind of "art filters" from the Google Creative Lab emerged, that turn photos into works of art that resemble famous paintings like "Starry Night" by Van Gogh or "The Scream" by Munch.

However, research scientists at Google, refer to them as "Style transfer apps", that use deep neural networks (a technique in machine learning) to look at images, "and determine what's content in one and style in another, then synthesize them together into an image that's a combination of both," explains Lo.

That's not all, a team at Google is creating a technology that will combine multiple styles into a single transfer, in real time.

To know more about how style transfer works, you can watch the video below, or read the post here:

Google Style Transfer app

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