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At the Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8 platform preview. Microsoft said it would not disclose all the end user features, but instead, disclose the new platform features.Windows Phone 8 will ship with a common core that is cross-functional with Windows 8. This will allow developers to easily and quickly develop and translate […]

At the annual Computex 2012 conference in Taipei, Microsoft's cvp of the company's Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Steven Guggenheimer, took the stage to demonstrate the breadth of innovation occurring across Microsoft and throughout the Windows ecosystem.As part of Microsoft's road map to support the market for intelligent systems, the company announced the version 2 community […]

A latest leak details on the Windows 8 Release Preview platform, revealing that Microsoft is gearing up to launch more than a single editions of Windows 8 Release Preview. Next week, on June 1st, Microsoft will make available Build 8400 of "Windows 8 Release Preview Core, Windows 8 Release Preview Pro, Windows 8 Release Preview […]

Intel has already said at a conference in Beijing, that the company is working with 10 different vendos on Windows 8 specifics tablets with Intel processor inside. The mobile processor, which is codenamed "Clover Trail" will have a clock speed of 1.8 GHz, according to a slide presentation by Maloney during a presentation this week […]

The Android emulator today received several significant improvements, including a performance upgrade and support for a broader range of hardware features, notably sensors and multi-finger input.For those new, "Android emulator is a key tool for Android developers in building and testing their apps. As the power and diversity of Android devices has grown quickly, it's […]

On January 31, Microsoft announced the Technical Preview of its next-gen office productivity suite codenamed "Office 15." Aspiring customers started enquiring "Will Microsoft make Office 15 a Metro-style app on Windows 8?" The Verge reported that the Office 15 suite not beign a "Metro style," instead, incorporating some Metro elements to varying degrees in different […]

Windows 8 loaded on ARM machines will be different from its x86 counterparts, both in terms of hardware and specification capabilities. Devices running ARM versions of Windows 8 "will not be able to run other operating systems" such as Linux, thanks to "UEFI Secure Boot" features unveiled back in September last year.A version of Secure […]