Preview of New AdWords, Campaign Type; Google Trusted Stores Open to All U.S. Merchants; Best Practices Covering ZIP Codes Campaigns; SPARK Education Series Launches

Over the last few months, to deliver a simpler, more beautiful experience across all Google products, Google has also been working on a redesign for the AdWords interface. Today, the company has posted a preview of the new AdWors user interface:This refresh aims to get the interface out of the way, so that the important […]

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Over the last few months, to deliver a simpler, more beautiful experience across all Google products, Google has also been working on a redesign for the AdWords interface. Today, the company has posted a preview of the new AdWors user interface:

This refresh aims to get the interface out of the way, so that the important things - such as your data - stand out. With this refresh, Google says they've integrated the latest client side technologies to make the AdWords interface more visually appealing and scalable.

The design changes are also aimed at making campaign creation simpler. One example is the introduction of campaign types, which will determine the campaign settings that you see.

"For example, if you're creating a Search Network campaign to place ads on Google search and search partners, you'll have the option of selecting a campaign type: either Standard, All features, or Product Listing Ads. If you select the Standard campaign type, you'd see only the most relevant settings to Search Network only campaigns, making you experience simpler and more efficient," explains Greg Rosenberg and the AdWords User Experience Team.

Here are a couple of Preview screenshots:

New AdWords User Interface

New AdWords Campaign Types

You can also look at the preview live here.

Also, Google today posted a few best practices covering ZIP code campaign setup, selection, bulk uploads, and reporting. Per Google post:

Campaign Setup
Google recommend to get started by supplementing national or regional campaigns with a separate local campaign, "so you can optimize bids, budgets and creatives at a ZIP code level while maintaining your reach and volume with the more broadly targeted campaign," posted Aileen Tang, Senior Product Manager. This supplemental campaign can be implemented by targeting specific ZIP codes of interest to you.

Selecting ZIP Codes
Go to campaign Settings tab in AdWords. Then simply begin typing a ZIP code to view its estimated reach and to add or exclude it as one of your targeted locations. As an aternate, when selecting locations, click the Nearby link to view a map and nearby locations which can be filtered by metro, city, or postal code.

AdWords Zip Code Targeting: Selecting Zip Code for campaigns

"If we are not able to associate people with a selected geographic location by their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, we'll show a Limited reach badge next to the location name. This location will still receive traffic from searches with a specific location mentioned in the query and from users with high-end mobile devices that have enabled the "My location" feature," Tang explains.

"If many of the ZIP codes you target have limited reach, consider setting up ZIP code targeting via a supplemental campaign that complements existing campaign targeting more broadly at a city, metro, or state level. That way you maintain your desired reach while bidding more aggressively and customizing campaigns for specific ZIP codes," he said.

Bulk Uploads
With over 30,000 US ZIP codes available for you to target, in the AdWords location targeting tool, you'll see a new tab called, "Bulk locations." You'll be able to enter up to 1,000 locations in a single country at a time.

"After copying and pasting your list of ZIP codes, click the Search button and review the matched results below before adding them to your campaign. If you've ever had to split up campaigns because of location target limits, you'll be happy to know that we recently raised the location target limits from 300 to 10,000 locations per campaign," Tang wrote.

AdWords Zip Code Campaign Targeting: Bulk Uploads

ZIP codes now appear in the "Most specific location" column in AdWords geographic performance reports.

AdWords Zip Code Campaign Reporting

Google Trusted Stores Opens to U.S. Shoppers

Google Trusted Stores free, both for shoppers and for online stores, is now open to all U.S. merchants starting today.

Now when you shop online, you may come across the Google Trusted Store badge. "Hover over it and you'll see a "report card" which shows "grades" for that merchant's shipping and service, including more precise metrics about what the grades mean," posted Tom Fallows, Group Product Manager, Google Shopping.

Google Trusted Stores helps online stores attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites. Soon the badge will also appear on ads and in Google Shopping results.

Google Trusted Stores Badge

"This badge is only awarded to online stores that deliver a great overall experience to shoppers. When you buy from a Google Trusted Store, you can opt in to get up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection per shopper. And our dedicated customer service team is there to work with you and the merchant to assist in resolving the issue," Tom adds.

Google Trusted Store badge on AdWords

Merchant those are interested, and would like to participate in the Google Trusted Stores program, can apply here.

Today, in partnership with GroupM Next, Google kicked off a series of custom, co-programmed events called "SPARK Education" series focused on delivering unique education and innovation experiences for brands - specifically, clients of GroupM media agencies.

Here is the quick rundown of discussions on the docket at today's Spark: CPG in the context of marketing for CPG brands includes:

  • "Making the web work for CPG brands - our take on how the consumer, and world around us, has changed
  • The digital enhanced path, exploring the ever-changing connection between consumers and brands and opportunities that exist through understanding new consumer behaviors and the role of technology
  • Marketing and messaging innovation across multiple screens
  • The power of video and building brands with the power of sight, sound and motion
  • Developing 'content gifts' in the social world and capturing opportunities by engaging your brand's super sharers
  • How mobile commerce can connect shoppers to the places and CPG products they love
  • Fostering fluid innovation across marketing and process to enable agencies and brands to meet the pace of change in consumer dynamics and technology," informs Google.