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Sitelinks give users a choice of destinations on your website that they can visit directly from your text ads. If you are already using sitelinks to improve your AdWords campaign performance. Google just announced that starting today, it has begun more proactive enforcement of policy."Our existing policy has required each sitelink in a campaign to […]

Update: Google rolled out an algorithm update this week that's having an impact on rankings and bringing in more domains in to the Google search results page.Confirming the improvements of the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned -- Google Matt Cutts tweeted:Just fyi, we rolled out a small algo change this […]

The Payments page in AdSense, recently received some updates designed to provide a better experience and will be avialble to all publishers in coming months include:First up, for countries where AdSense payout are available via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), the improvements are "made to the form of payment to give you quicker access to your […]

Google sent out a letter to its Android app developers informing them that it is making several changes to tighten its developer app policies on Google Play covering; "naming apps, app icons, payments, privacy, spam and advertising.""Android developers will now be required to meet the new policy; and apps that are seen to violate these […]

Twitter quietly rolled out a new feature -- announced through a official tweet, the microblogging social network company said that users can now click on stock (or "ticker") symbols in any tweet to view search results for those stocks and companies.Now you can click on ticker symbols like $GE on to see search results […]