Pinterests’ Promoted Video Gets Better with New Autoplay Format

Pinterest launching Promoted Video with autoplay allows marketers to entice consumers into the story and encourages users to lean in and experience the brands.

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Pinterest Promoted Video

Promoted Video, which help businesses across Pinterest to connect with more customers than ever before, Tuesday gets three new enhancements making it more effective than ever like new "autoplay format," that automatically unfold as a Pinner scrolls across it in their feed.

Promoted Video, since bought on a per-impression basis, the more people watch, the cost per view goes down.

Scond, pinners will now be able to find Promoted videos in more places, whether searching or browsing. Starting today, videos will now autoplay in search results along with showing up in home feeds. The videos will also show up, when a user opens a Pin and scroll down to "More like this" selection of related Pins.

Even, your can retarget everyone who saw Promoted video with a follow-up campaign to hit message home.

Pinterest is also rolling out new ways to measure to already available measuring brand impact of ads to tracking offline sales, now you can also see how long people played a video, and for how long it was on screen.

All these new options will be available later this summer in Ads Manager.

Watch the video below to know more about these new features:

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