Pinterest Ad Groups Intro More Flexibility and Control Over Campaigns

As of January 11, all new partners creating Pinterest campaigns first time, will use new ad groups campaign structure. Existing partners will be upgraded to the new campaign structure during Q1 2017.

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Starting this month, a Pinterest update to the ad campaigns bringing the ad groups that works as a container for Promoted Pins and gives more control over "how you budget for, target and run your campaigns."

"An ad group is a container for Promoted Pins. Targeting, budget, start/end dates, and bids are set for each ad group, so you have more flexibility and control over how you run your campaigns. With ad groups you can test performance against various targets and objectives without the need to create multiple campaigns."

Until now, the Pinterest ad campaigns had two elements "a campaign itself" and "Promoted Pins" within it. Now, with the addition of the ad groups, you can:

With ad groups, you can set a budget for a certain geographic region, product line or audience target. "Ad groups make it easier to manage specific budgets within a single campaign, while still maintaining lifetime spend caps at the campaign level."

Since each ad group can contain multiple Pins, "this allows for better control when testing your performance against various targets and objectives."

Streamline your campaigns across platforms with ad groups, so it may be easier for you to plan and manage all your campaigns in a familiar way.

Pinterest Ad Groups for Campaigns Upgrade Diagram

Diagram: Pinterest Ad Groups Upgrade.

As of January 11, all new partners creating campaigns for the first time will use this campaign structure, Pinterest said. And, existing partners will be upgraded to this new campaign structure during Q1 2017. And, will be notified in Ads Manager, as well as they will receive an email about the availability.

Once the ad groups are available, "you will need to review all your campaigns with more than one Pin in Ads Manager, and distribute your existing campaign budget across the ad groups." While "campaigns with just one Pin will have only one ad group, so those budgets migrate automatically," writes the company.

For more details to learn how ad groups affect Promoted Pin campaigns, check out this Help Center article, and for tips on using ad groups to do more with Pinterest ad campaigns, visit here.

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