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The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for Windows 8 is an ergonomic keyboard sporting an enlarged split spacebar with optional backspace functionality that enhances typing efficiency and speed.In addition to increasing typing efficiency, "the keyboard's split spacebar also improves ergonomics by virtually eliminating the awkward "pinky reach" to the standard backspace key, keeping wrists in a comfortable […]

Microsoft Hardware expands its collection of Artist Series mice with the release of five new designs that help infuse color, life and personality into your computing experience. Also made avilable today three bold, new colors. The new designs and colors represent the growing trend of technology as a form of self-expression in mobile computing.The art […]

Microsoft Hardware just announced new mouse and keyboards optimized for Windows 8 include Wedge Touch Mouse, Wedge Mobile Keyboard, Sculpt Mouse, and Sculpt Keyboard."Optimized for Windows 8, Microsoft's new lineup of mice and keyboards are loaded with features including Bluetooth connectivity, BlueTrack Technology for tracking on virtually any surface giving customers a fast and fluid […]

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) will now be open sourcing the Entity Framework (EF), a database mapping tool useful for application development in the .NET Framework. "The Entity Framework source code is today being released under an open source license (Apache 2.0), and the code repository is now hosted on CodePlex (using Git) […]

A leaked photograph reveals, Microsoft's portable keyboard being designed specifically for Windows 8. The keyboard is designed for use with Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets, sports a Windows 8 logo, and features a dedicated key for the new charms bar in Windows 8 and Windows RT. The keyboard appears to be a companion device […]