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Peak Points A Suggested Feature For Google Analytics

Tokyo-based usability consultant Yongfook suggests a new feature to Google Analytics: Peak Points. He writes:

Peak Points would manifest itself as simple labels that appear automagically on your Dashboard line graph. At any proportional increase in traffic, over what Google Analytics calculates as “normal” (or a user-set value) Google Analytics would attach a label at that point. Google Analytics would assign each label a type, based on why it thinks traffic has increased proportionally since the last point.

Yongfook divides the peak point source into three potential candidates, which would show when you click on the peak point label (see the “expanded” version of this above):

  1. Popular content” would be when you create a page on your server, like an interesting blog post, which would suddenly be linked from a lot of sites (of course, “suddenly” and “a lot” are hard to define, but not impossible using relative thresholds working on your average site traffic).
  2. Top Referrer” is when a high percentage of traffic comes from a single referrer.
  3. And “Discussion” indicates that there is a high amount of recurring traffic (same IP/ cookie, I guess) to the same page, indicating that people want to follow a discussion of something, or are waiting for an update.


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